That Stings

Today I REALLY miss my long hair. I was driving home on Valencia and noticed that a Blow Out bar is under construction 4 blocks from my house. Damnit all to hell. Ugh. I hate cancer and chemo and my short, ugly stupid hair.

Oh, here’s what else I hate. This is what my RX situation looks like when I go away for 2 and a half days:


Blogging from CPMC

Hi all,

Just a quick update. I got admitted to CPMC 😦 I’ll be here for at least one night possibly two while we await the results of my blood culture tests.

I woke up this morning with a fever of 101.6. Garrett said he wanted me to go get a chest X-ray. My family said I should get way more than that. They wanted to see a urinalysis, and blood cultures in addition.

So I told Garrett that’s what I wanted. He said I’d have to go to the ER for that. I said fine (not sure if he was resisting me and annoyed or just being matter of fact because our exchange was via text).

We got to the ER and the attending was heavenly. He ran all the above tests and then some (like the flu test — which hurt like a bitch — and an EKG).

All tests came back clear. However we are still waiting on the blood cultures. They can take 24-72 hours to come back. So I will be here getting IV antibiotics until then.

For now, the doctors think I might have some crazy virus or my port is infected.

On the upside I got a private room on the cardiac floor and my fever is gone for the time being.

Paul just went home to grab a few things for me and then we are going to hunker down.

Here’s a pic from a few mins ago. You can tell I’m feeling better. I’m totally multitasking! Shhh don’t tell my mom (I was on the phone with her when I snapped this)

Thank you for all the love and support today on Facebook. Your healing vibes are coming through loud n clear. Please keep them coming.