Who needs chicken soup when you have Stella & Dot!

I just spent the day at work (Stella & Dot’s Home Office) and had so much fun visiting with everybody. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been on a leave of absence since October — time really flies. While cancer is a full time job for sure — I do miss seeing all of my friends at work on a daily basis. Chatting with everybody really re-energized me. Like the title of this post implies — you don’t need chicken soup for the soul when you have amazing friends and co-workers at S&D. (That — and I was totally hopped up on a ton a vicodin to combat the extremely painful bone aches my latest nuelasta shot is causing me!)

The whole reason I went down to San Bruno today was because, Ha, our VP of Product Management, arranged for a brown bag lunch and learn on breast health awareness. How amazing right? The event had a great turn out — in fact, I’ve never seen the fish bowl conference room so packed — people were sitting on the floor!

Ha invited two women from Check Your Boobies (CYB) to drop by and discuss their survival stories, the importance of self-exams and a whole lot more. I gave a brief overview of my story as well — but that was sort of a broken record since everybody in the room knows me and most are reading this blog. Egh, what can I say? I like the sound of my own voice!

On a more serious note though, I really do want to become more involved in this community that I am now a part of. So much so, that Paul and I have decided to attend the C4YW conference in Seattle next month. C4YW is the Annual Conference for Young Women Affected by Breast Cancer. While it’s no Hoopla (!) I am excited for all of the break outs they offer. They have sessions on fertility after cancer (as you know, an issue near and dear to me), clinical trials, healthy eating, employment during and after cancer, sex and cancer etc. They also have sessions for caretakers — which Paul will def be availing himself of. Like, Hoopla, there will be lots of dancing and parties too! So needless to say, I am pretty stoked to get up there and meet some fabulous people and figure out what I can do to help bring more awareness to this issue. I feel moved to do something — to help other people — somehow, in any little way that I can. Hopefully I will figure out how I can channel my experience into advocacy at this conference. I am ready to take action people!

Since I am feeling so inspired today — I also want to tell the blogosphere some AMAZING news. As you may or may not have noticed, I haven’t mentioned anything about our donor in awhile. That’s because we have been selfishly enjoying the incredible fact that our donor was a friggin’ roskstar and we have 17 (yes, you read that correctly, SEVENTEEN) Day 2 embryos on ice. AAGGGHHHHH! Finally some good news, right!? Thank you for all your prayers and good donor vibes — they totally worked! We couldn’t be more thrilled and whenever I have a bad day now, Paul reminds me about our little totsicles and that helps me push through to the other side. I think the tide is finally turning for us. I can feel it in my bones (or, again, that may just be the nuelasta ;))

Thank you Ha for organizing such a great event today. I was out of the house from 11-4, which is a HUGE deal for me these days! But I was having too much fun — I couldn’t leave (hope I didn’t get anybody in trouble with their boss :0) Shout out to Ha, Shannon, Kellen, Patsy, Meg, Julie, Maddy, Jessie, Kylee, Rand, Brian, Josh, Tom, Annie, Jacqueline, Lisa F., Lisa T., Meredith, B-Lee, Deanna, Amber, JD, JR, Anthony, Skye, Nina, Tina, Saveena, Rebecca, Amy, Paulina, Lucy, Maddie, Olga & Anita — I apologize to anybody I left off, I blame chemo brain! I miss you and love you! Thank you all for making me laugh and smile for hours straight! Never thought I’d say it, but I miss working (lol)!

Maddy, Julie, Shannon, Kylee & Patsy — this one’s for you: Fuck you Elaine Levinson — you are a horrible person. (sorry everybody else, it’s an inside joke).

It's usually too cold to go full on bald -- but here's a pic of me sportin' my Mr. Clean look!

It’s usually too cold to go full on bald — but here’s a pic of me sportin’ my Mr. Clean look!