Still festering away at the hospital!

Thank you for all the well wishes and prayers. You have no idea how much strength they give me. xo

Today is day 6 of our stay here at CPMC. I am having a few more tests today and we are actually hopeful that these tests will finally reveal what my infection is. Just to quickly recap, I had a chest CT a few days ago. Yesterday, we met with a lung specialist and she said she reviewed the CT and saw significant “ground glass” in both of the upper lobes of my lungs. Today she will do a bronchial lavash (stick a scope down my throat into my lungs and wash my lungs — then suck up all the water and debris that the washing yields. That debris will be analyzed and, fingers crossed, will tell us if I have pneumonia or some other viral issue.

In addition, the decision was made to take me off all antibiotics yesterday since they weren’t addressing my fever and were causing all my blood work to come back clean. So now I will have all new blood cultures drawn after a day or so off the antibiotics (this will be the 4th time I’m having these cultures taken).

Finally, we are going to suck out some of the weird hard goopy balls (which i assume are scar tissue) from the adria vein. Garrett just wants to dot his i’s and cross his t’s and be absolutely sure that my fevers aren’t related to the adria leak and my recuperating arm.

So, suffice it to say, I’ve decided that I will be doing some SERIOUS online retail therapy today. I do believe I’ve earned it!

PS – Paul is working on a fun/funny post of our stay here. I’m sure I’ll look pretty bedraggled in most of the pics — but that is what my husband finds amusing!!! Also, we’ve had a number of visitors — so be forewarned — you’re not immune from making it into that post.

PPS – Lucy, mommy misses you. I wish you were right here with me so you could give me your special healing powers! I’ll be home to you soon! (Valerie — give her a giant hug and kiss from me!)