Day 1 of Chemo — But I’m Buffalo Strong & Talkin’ Proud — Or at Least Trying to Anyway….

A few years ago, Paul and I watched this amaze documentary on the early 90’s Buffalo Bills. Back when Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, Darryl Talley, Bruce Smith et al dominated the AFC. Back when telling someone you are a Buffalo Bills fan didn’t get you laughed at. Any way, my point is Marv Levy (the Bills’ head coach at that time) used to repeat an inspirational quote from a poem to the team when they were down and out. It’s a poem about war, but I think it applies to war, football AND chemo.

So, as I begin my chemo journey today, I shall remember the words of Sir Andrew Barton (spoken by Marv Levy in my head!):

“Fight on my men, we’re hurt but not slain. We’ll lay down and bleed a while. Then we’ll rise and fight again.”

Talkin' Proud!

Talkin’ Proud!