Drum Roll Please

I met Giuliana Rancic today! Yahoo!

The Bright Pink tea and fashion show were great. Paul was a little bit sad I dragged him along — he was one of the only men there. He’s such a good sport!

At the end of the event, we hopped into the receiving line, and before I knew it, I was talking to Giuliana!

Most people just walked up to her and got their picture taken, but not me, oh heck no. I started chatting her up! We talked about my journey and she was really warm and supportive. After a few minutes, we hugged and then Paul and I were off.

It was a fantastic day. I loved getting to meet Giuliana in person (it’s also worth noting that I totally stalked Sarah Knight but was too embarrassed to go ask her for a picture — it’s a little sad that I’m also UHbsessed with G’s assistant).

I am so happy right now! Enjoy the slideshow below!

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The Obsession Continues

Shadin and I had a wonderful day together. We lunched at the Rotunda at NM,


Then walked over to the Westfield, where we both scored some pretty ah-maze Tory Burch diddies. Just say YES to friends and family and a little good ‘ole haggling! Hmm hmm, we haggled for additional discounts for having to buy the floor samples. None of that is beneath us ūüôā

When we walked into Bloomies, we saw a picture of Giuliani Rancic. I didn’t think much of it. it being October and all. But I decided to investigate further. Turns out, my BFF Giuliana will be here in SF tomorrow hosting a BCA event with Bright Pink (the non-profit she partners with).


Yup, I did it. I bought Paul and I tickets. This is the first breast cancer non-profit I’ve decided to support since my DX. It was a big decision. But I know Giuliani and Lindsay Avner will put our $100 to good use making a BC survivors wish come true.

Fingers crossed we actually get to meet Giuliana tomorrow. OH EM GEE, OMG, OMG……

I feel like a little kid the night before school. What on earth should I wear????

Cherry On Top!

Alrighty, my parents have landed in SF, Lucy’s doggie daycare¬†has been arranged and I had my marathon day of appointments at PAMF. We took our pre-op class (which, BTW, is scary as hell — but I think they do that so you’ll be pleasantly surprised — at least that’s what I’m telling myself), I got fitted for my softies¬†(more on that later), saw the Nuclear team for my radioactive honing substance (the surgeon needs this to perform the sentinel node biopsy — more on that later too) and finally¬†I met with Dr. Roy Hong¬†— plastics guy extraordinaire.¬† We talked some more about the surgery and then he marked me up with a purple marker.

In ALL of that, Paul and I still managed to hit the Stanford Mall for¬†some¬†CPK¬†and last-minute shopping. Me? I got a hot deal on three blazers at Talbots — score!

So, in any event, it’s getting late here and we have¬†to be up super early — our check in time at the Menlo Park Surgi-Center¬†is 6am (ugh). Before I head off to bed I just want to share with everyone out there how grateful I am for all of the calls, voicemails, texts and emails you’ve sent wishing me luck. Tomorrow please say a prayer, light a candle — do whatever it is you do! But send your good vibes my way — and I’ll thank you in advance for them ūüôā

OK, final thing — you’re probably wondering why the title of this post is “Cherry on top” and it’s because Paul’s Aunt Ellen did¬†the most AMAZE¬†thing for me. Last Saturday Roswell Park Cancer Institute¬†in Buffalo, NY (my hometown, and where my mom used to work!) held it’s Destination Cure event and presented the Gilda Radner¬†Courage Award to….drum roll please…… MY IDOL …. Giuliana¬†Rancic! YES! Giuliana is so¬†deserving of this award — she does so much work to raise cancer awareness.

In any event, my doorbell rang at 7:45 this morning and there was a FedEx for me. I pulled it open to find a program from the night’s event and a HANDWRITTEN NOTE TO ME FROM GIULIANA! I shit you not. Check out the picture below, she wrote “Andrea~Sending you lots of love + prayers your way. You will be better before you know it….just remember…This too shall pass. All my love~ Giuliana Rancic


I am FULLY prepared for tomorrow now! That note means the world to me and when I start to get scared, I just remind myself that Giuliana just had a bi-lateral mastectomy too — and she is just fine — and I will be fine too.

Thank you Aunt Ellen for some how arranging this — it means more than I can say.

Paul will update my post for the next few days to keep everybody updated. See you on the other side! xoxox, Andrea